Zoning codes are a set of rules that regulate what can and can’t be done on a particular piece of property. They’re established and enforced at the city level. In California, you can find zoning codes for virtually every city in the city’s municipal code.


R1:  One family dwelling
RW1: One-family residential zone
RW2: Two-family residential waterway zone
R2: Two-family dwelling / or two one-family dwellings on one parcel or lot.
RD2: Restricted density
RD3 – RD6: = Restricted  density  multiple dwelling  zone / two-family dwellings, apartments etc.
R3: Multiple dwelling/apartments/condos same uses as R2 R4 : Multiple  dwelling / same as R3 uses  / can have schools, churches & motels.
R5:  Multiple  dwelling / same as can have clubs, hospitals, lodges, & sanitariums.


CR: Limited Commercial / clubs, motels, churches,- schools, business & professional offices. Parking areas.
C1: Limited Commercial / Local retail stores, offices and business, hotels, limited hospitals and clinics. Parking areas.
C2: Commercial /Retail businesses with limited manufacturing, auto service stations and garages, retail contractors businesses, churches, and schools.
C4: Commercial / Same uses as C2 with exceptions such as auto service stations, amusement enterprises, contractors businesses, second-hand businesses.
C5: Commercial / same uses as C2, limited floor area for light manufacturing of the CM Zone type.
CM: Commercial Manufacturing / wholesale business storage buildings, limited manufacturing, same uses as C2 except for hospitals, schools, and churches.


MR1: Restricted Industrial / limited commercial and manufacturing uses. Hospitals, clinics, sanitariums, and limited machine shops.
MR2: Restricted Light Industrial / Additional industrial uses combined with MR1/ Mortuaries, and agricultural.
M1: Limited Industrial / same as CM uses. Limited industrial and manufacturing uses.
M2: Light Industrial / same as M1 uses, additional industrial uses. Storage yards, all kinds of animal keeping, NO “R” zones uses.
M3: Heavy Industrial / same uses as M2. Any Industrial uses. Nusiance type must be 500 ft from any other type of zone.


A1: One-family dwelling, parks, playgrounds community centers, golf courses, truck gardening, extensive agricultural uses.
A2: Agricultural / same uses as A1.
RA: Suburban / Limited agricultural uses.