Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Program

What is an ADU?

Accessory Dwelling Units, also called guest homes, granny flats, or laneway homes,  are smaller dwelling structures located on the property of an existing single family home.

ADU Financing

  • Get Fast Financing through the Equity Wave Lending ADU program
  • No Minimum Credit Score Requirement (No Fico)
  • No Tax Returns or W2s Required
  • No Bank Statements Required
  • No YTD Paystub Required

ADU Benefits

  • Create Additional Income Stream
  • No Additional Land Cost
  • Increase your Property Value using the (GRM) Gross Rent Multiplier.
  • New State Laws Make it Easier than Ever Before.
  • Optimize Your Rental Space


Learn strategies and advantages of investing in ADU Trust Deeds with Equity Wave Lending, Inc. Can you create 5 separate income streams from a duplex? Learn how with the EWL ADU income strategy program.

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