Who Uses Private Money Loans?

Also known as a bridge, rehab, or hard money loan, a private money loan is a very specific type of financial instrument offered by private lenders. Since the money is lent on the basis of property equity instead of existing assets or credit score, borrowing hard money is often favored by property investors. As a [...]

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Using Hard Money Loans to Fix and Flip Homes

Real estate investors sometimes purchase homes, renovate them, and flip them. Significant profits can be made this way. By purchasing properties short term, investors can benefit others through fast closings, but how do they finance such transactions? There are various types of loans, including cash-out refinances and home equity lines of credit. A fast business [...]

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Property Collateralization: Getting Funding for a Rental Property Investment

Rental properties can be a valuable investment, but many are quickly stumped by the prospect of financing. If you're thinking about purchasing a rental property but aren't sure where to get the money for it, you're in luck—you may be able to secure funding using other property as collateral. Square One: Funding Purchasing an investment [...]

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Purchase Rental Property Using the Value of Your Primary Residence

Think your finances are tied up in your current home? That might not be the case, as a cross-collateral loan may be an option to pull cash out of your primary residence in order to purchase a rental property. Purchasing rental property provides opportunities to build wealth because it: Tends to appreciate in value over [...]

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