Equity Wave Lending Inc. can provide one or a portfolio of well secured trust deeds both short and long term that safely generate exceptional rates of return.

We provide 1st and 2nd refinanced trust deeds as well as trust deed purchases. All of our loans are secured by residential and commercial properties with loan amounts up to $3,000,000. We offer our investors peace of mind by focusing on preservation of capital and loss prevention, resulting in a secure investment.

What can Equity Wave Lending, Inc. offer its investors?

  • High Yield Returns
  • Secure with Low Risk
  • 1st Rate Customer Service
  • In House Loan Servicing
  • Experienced Underwriting
  • Consistent Revenue
  • We provide all related documents

We make the entire investment process easy and convenient, as we provide the Promissory Note, Deed of Trust and all the related documents you will need once the loan is secured.  Equity Wave Lending, Inc. has an in-house collection department to service each of your loans, and we also provide ACH deposits that go directly into your account.

We also offer you the convenience of an online portal to review your portfolio analytics. Give us a call at 1-888-399-8881 today to find out more today!

Equity Wave Lending Offices:

Equity Wave Lending, Inc. Office in Irvine, CA

Irvine, CA

Equity Wave Lending Florida Offices

Miami, FL

The following is a list of potential Trust Deeds that are currently available. Please be sure to inquire as to the status. As always, these Trust Deeds may be purchased in full or fractionalized. (must be a California investor to fractionalize). They may also be purchased through your IRA/KEOUGH accounts or pension plans. We’ll be happy to forward you anything we have at our disposal that you may need to make an investment decision. *All loans have a 1 year prepay penalty unless noted, please inquire to confirm.*