About Equity Wave Lending, Inc.

Since 1992, the Equity Wave Lending, Inc. staff has specialized in prudent underwriting and responsible hard money and private money lending to disadvantaged and under-served Americans. We also provide non-US citizens here and around the world the opportunity to share in the American dream, and invest in our great country. As an alternative to traditional funding, we can be a valuable resource when the bank has turned you down. Equity Wave Lending, Inc. also provides 1st, 2nd and 3rd trust deeds as well as trust deed purchases. We make it easy to invest by saving you time and money!

Our dedicated staff has over 30 years of real estate experience, and has lent over 4.5 billion dollars to date. We have provided hard money loans and investor opportunities in cities all over California. Whether you are an investor, borrower or broker, Equity Wave lending can provide services tailored just for you! We pride ourselves on fast turn-around and giving quality service to all of our customers.

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